What We Do

Start By Answering One Basic Question

The key question to ask when developing an international strategy is, “What are we trying to achieve?” Too often, the focus is centered on achieving an aggressive revenue plan. MedCelerate provides a framework that enables senior management and boards to effectively evaluate strategic options, financial projections, major assumptions and expected outcomes that build long-term value.

Creating A Capable Supply Chain

Moving from prototype manufacturing to producing hundreds or thousands of units per month is both challenging and complex. We enable you to identify and select the best manufacturing partners to meet your market demand while ensuring compliance with ISO and GMP requirements. We have executed technology transfers to numerous European & Latin American manufacturers and are highly experienced in vetting and recruiting local operational talent.

Engaging The Right Customers

CE Mark provides access to 27 unique countries. Many of the fastest-growing medical device markets are in Asia and Latin America. The challenge is to identify which markets are best for your product and determine the optimal means of engaging a diverse set of customers. With more than a decade of on-the-ground, international experience, and considerable expertise building direct sales forces and managing distributors globally, MedCelerate can help you prioritize markets and customers to maximize your sales.

Winning Customer Support

Today’s international customers often demand next-day delivery and local language customer service support. You require inventory levels to be managed proactively – achieving high fulfillment rates and ensuring product traceability. Problem solved —MedCelerate has established logistics and customer service support for multiple companies launching across Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Building A Robust Clinical Data Set

All emerging companies face the same dilemma – how to drive rapid market adoption with limited clinical data. Introduction of new technologies often requires significant market development activities. Whether it is designing and implementing post-marketing clinical studies or conducting market research surveys, we can maximize your learning during this critical pre-commercial launch phase.

Leading A Virtual International Team

Today’s management teams work, live and travel across multiple time zones. You pursue the best talent available, whether they live in Santa Rosa, Boston, Brussels or Shanghai. MedCelerate helps clients effectively manage these fragmented organizational dynamics. Whether facilitating an objective-setting retreat, measuring employee engagement or improving team dynamics, we assist company leaders during these periods of rapid growth.