Medcelerate Partner Network

MedCelerate has established a proven network of exceptional partners.  These talented individuals and organizations bring substantial medical device expertise to a wide range of manufacturing, clinical and commercial issues.  Engagement of each partner is based on the client’s specific needs.  And because we have worked closely with each partner the quality and timeliness of their work is 100% assured.

Some examples of our Partner Network include:

A strategic marketing professional with 18 years of healthcare experience, specializes in working with medical technology companies on the entire spectrum of marketing needs: from early stage market development strategies and competitive assessments to downstream launch execution and commercialization efforts.  Clients range from venture-backed start-up firms to Fortune 500 public companies.
A full-service European logistics and customer service firm dedicated to supply chain management across a wide range of medical devices.
A senior development engineer with 20+ years of experience in the fields of intravascular devices and implantables, including drug pumps, hydrocephalus valves, DES, embolization coils and glues.  Clients include U.S. and European-based start-up companies involved in early-stage development and in animal and clinical testing of a wide range of medical device innovations.
A leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) focused on medical device clinical trials and post-marketing registries.  ISO 9001 certified in clinical trial management, core laboratories, data management and service provider for medical industries.
A nationally recognized search firm that focuses exclusively on medical device placements with geographical reach throughout the U.S. and Europe.